There's a gig! On November 17th 2022

 So...the Three of the Sunny Smiles Three are in the country at the same time (for a bit).  This means that we can do an actual gig.  Though for now just the one.  So be there - or be somewhere else...

This is free to get in as we're the special guests at the Cloth Cat open mic at the Packhorse pub, Woodhouse Lane in Leeds on Thursday 17th November.  Beforehand you get a load of people doing various open mic things (and afterwards too we think) - so you can grab your spoons or that just-completed fan poem for Liz Truss, put your name down and do it live.  Or you can of course just watch.

There will be a whip-round (which you can ignore if you want or need) and we do encourage you to support Cloth Cat: